A Witness of Rendra



Some poetries of Indonesian prominent poet Rendra were also interpretated thru musical expression. At least there are 3 albums to be mentioned: Kelompok Kampungan “Mencari Tuhan” (Akurama record, 1979), Bung Karno Milik Rakyat Indonesia, Bram Kampungan (Musica, 1999), and Kantata Takwa (Royal Prima Musikindo, Airo, 1992).

The first two albums of Kelompok Kampungan are same matter, but with different arrangement. The first was the original one, and the second was the re-arrangement version. Unfortunately that the second version was bad in recording, and not completely presenting all songs. Song entitled Kesaksian was excluded from the second version, may be because the tape is not enough to record all songs.


Talking about this song Kesaksian (A Witness) is important. This poet and this lyric is very poetic, powerful, and has strong message.


Orang-orang harus dibangunkan

Kesaksian harus diberikan

Agar kehidupan tetap terjaga

(People should be awaken

A witness should be given

In order the live to be watched over.)

This song was interpretated by both Kelompok Kampungan and Kantata Takwa. The differerence is Kampungan’s interpretation closed to Rendra’s character or rebel spirit, meanwhile Kantata’s interpretation is closed to musician Yockie’s character or soft, melodious and touching. *


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