Ten Songs for Indonesia’s Anniversary






August is a month of Indonesia anniversary. What music should be presented for public thru mass media? We have list of ten Indonesian songs composed by prominent musicians which we suggest to be performed and replayed for public.

1. Kebyar-kebyar, song composed by Gombloh, from album entitled Kebyar-kebyar, artist Lemon Tress Anno ’69 (Golden Hand, 1979). This very popular song sounded heroic and enthusiastic, with it’s poetic lyric: merah darahku, putih tulangku, bersatu dalam jiwa (my red blood, my white bone, united in my soul).

2. Bendera-bendera, song composed by Gombloh, from album entitled Kebyar-kebyar, artist Lemon Tress Anno ’69 (Golden Hand, 1979). This song was not popular but actually melodious and catchy, and public should be memorized to this beautiful song. Part of it’s lyric talk about heroic moment in Surabaya city on November, 19, 1945.

3. Jangan menangis, Indonesia, song composed by Harry Roesli, from album entitled LTO Volume 2, artist Harry Roesli, (Musica, 1981). This song was actually rebel music for New Order politics, but with positive approach. Beside all it’s sadness, Harry Roesli tell to Indonesians that he will stand forever for keeping great Indonesia.

4. B.K., song composed by Gombloh, from album entitled Pesan Buat Negeriku (A Message for My Country), artist Lemon Trees Anno 1969 (Golden Hand, 1989). This song was melodious, cacthy, and thematic for memorizing Bung Karno, a former Indonesia President and founding father.

5. Nyanyian Tanah Merdeka, song composed by Leo Imam Soekarno from album entitled Nyanyian Tanah Merdeka, artist Konser Rakyat Leo Kristi (Irama Tara, no date of releasing). This song was heroic, catchy, enthusiastic, with it’s suggestic lyric for Indonesia freedom and liberty.

6. Bung Karno, song composed by Bram Makahekum, from album entitled Kelompok Kampungan Mencari Tuhan, artist Kelompok Kampungan, (Akurama, 1979), or it’s re-arrangement version Bung Karno Milik Rakyat Indonesia, artist Bram Kampungan (Musica, 1999). This song was heroic, enthusiastic, melodious, memorizing founding father Bung Karno and it’s message with quotation from his speech about Utara Kuru, alias Indonesia).

7. Melati Suci, song composed by Guruh Soekarnoputra, arranged by Chandra Darusman, interpretated by Tika Bisono, from album entitled Untukmu Indonesiaku, Pergelaran Karya Cipta Guruh Seokarnoputra II, artist Swara Mahardhika (Musica, 1974). This song was melodious, slow tempo, sad, and memorizing toward Ibu Fatmawati, the first first lady of Indonesia, wife of first Indonesian President Soekarno).

8. Kharisma Indonesia, song composed by Budiman and IG Ngurah Gede, arranged by Adie MS, interpretated by Louise Hutauruk, from album entitled Dasa tembang Tercantik ’79, Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja Prambors Rasisonia (Prambors, 1979). This song was energic, praising Indonesia’s beauty, catchy, bringing new sound of Indonesian pop-progressive music.

9. Wawasan Nusantara, song composed by AA Adhigotama, arranged by Adie MS, from album entitled Dasa Tembang Tercantik ’80, Lomba Cipta Lagu Prambors Rasisonia, (Prambors, 1980). This song was melodious, more like ballad, with simple arrangement based on “juicy unpluged guitar”. The Indonesian listener can imagine this song if they are aware a song Sempurna by Andra and The Backbone band.

10. Merah Putih (Red and White), song composed by Gombloh, interpretated by various artists of Musica recording Jakarta, from album Terima Kasih Indonesia, 50 Tahun Indonesia Merdeka (Musica, 1996). This song was purely pop and interpretated by dozen artists as the way song “We Are the World” interpretated. The lyric talking about praising toward Indonesia. Actualy, if the song interpretated by Lemon Trees, may be the impression will be strong, like any other Gombloh-progressive-rock version. *

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