Lebaran, Oslan Husein and M. Jusuf


Detail information on musical album is important for history. Look at this album entitled Tahu Tempe by singer Oslan Husein which published by Irama record on 1960-ies. This album attached a note written by Sjahrul Nawas on it’s back cover. Sjahrul Nawas said that this album presented songs concerning about basic need of the Indonesian people in era 1960-ies.


This album responded toward speech of Presiden Soekarno who said that Indonesian people will never been hungry, because Indonesia is a rich country. So that this album presented songs entitled Tahu Tempe (a traditional food made of soya-bean), Nasi Djagung (rice made of corn), Sepiring Nasi (A Plate of Rice).


But what made this album special is a song entitled Lebaran, which became national anthem and sung every Idul Fitri season. Also finally, we know that the composer of this classic song is M. Jusuf, a leader of Orkes Widjaja Kusuma, a band for this album. Who has any information about M. Jusuf? Please share your information to us. *


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  • Agus Suwito  On September 14, 2009 at 5:08 am


    I have been searching for the lebaran song by Oslan Husein, would anyone be able to help me to find it ?. Thanks for your kind assistance on this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Agus Suwito (saragus2009@yahoo.com)

    So far there is no such Lebaran song by Oslan Husein which released in cassete format. I have tried to find the cassete thru old cassete kiosks, but I failed. But some radio channels usually aired this memorable song in Idul Fitri season. So just switch on the radio in Lebaran season. (Kelik M. Nugroho)

    • Pramudya Ardanta  On February 3, 2011 at 8:52 am

      I have a lot of the songs collection of Oslan Husein , including Lebaran Song . I would try to upload these songs to youtube or any other social sharing networks. Other songs like Tahu Tempe , Nasi jagung , Lompong Sagu , Ayam Den Lape , all Padang songs ,Pasar Baru , Sari ,Bochane etc.

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