Keroncong Ever Gone International

Intro to Kerontjong-beat

Keroncong, one of Indonesian traditional musics, ever gone international. This long play album entitled Intro to The Krontjong-beat by musician Brig. General Roedi Pirngadie and Moes Mualim told that. In it’s note of back cover written by Sunar P, the writter told that this album was intended to introduce keroncong beat to international listeners by especially performing keroncong in the Indonesia Pavillion of the New York World’s Fair on 1964.

The note also talked about the root of keroncong: “When did kerontjong music start? Far back in the 15th century, a western small-size guitar, originally with five strings but now become a four strings instrument (almost similar to a Hawaian ukulele) has been adopted by the Indonesians and this instrument as it is called the “Kerontjong” is thrummed in a special way as you hear it in the record. Now this special way of playing, together with other instruments which originally come from the west, just to have a modern instrument for the sound of some of the “Gamelan” (Javanesse classic-instruments) and by making use of the harmony system, it became and stayed to be original Indonesian music, owned by the Indonesian with it’s exceptionally identity – now introduced to you!”.

This album consists of 12 songs which were interpretated by singers M. Rivanny, Sajekti, Rita Zaharah, and Tetap Segars Choir. The orchestra conducted by Brig. General Roedi Pirngadi, with technical assistance of Moes Moealim. The songs were Indonesia Pusaka (Ismail Marzuki), Rajuan Pulau Kelapa (Ismail Marzuki), Siboney (Lecuona), Mona Lisa (Livingstone-Evans). Recorded in Indonesia by Irama record in 1965, this lp was manufactured in Japan (Toshiba musical industry) under label Evergreen stereo record. *

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