Gandem Marem: The Story of Kirab Music

Bapak H. Darodji, the owner of Gandem Marem Sound System

Gandem Marem, a private company which rent sound system in Yogyakarta city, has it’s contribution in popularizing some traditional musics. Especially, musics for Javanesse tradional wedding. As we know that Javanesse wedding ritual usually used gamelan musics for celebrating the ritual. This traditional music was usually played live, but later after cassete player invented, the music just played by cassete player.

In this “cassete player” era, Gandem Marem which was established since 1962, has it’s contibution in popularizing Javanesse wedding music. Why? Because most Jogjanesse costumers rent sound system for wedding purpose, especially with Jogjanesse and Solonesse tradition. And Gandem Marem was and is the most prepared sound system company to serve those such needs.

So if Jogjanesse people were familiar with Kebo Giro and Kodok Ngorek, two of traditional songs for Javanesse wedding, one of it’s influences is from Gandem Marem’s factor. Later in 1970-ies, Gandem Marem has it’s contribution in popularizing Kirab music. Why? Because in that era, Gandem Marem taken part in recording a new arrangement of Kirab music, which used modern instruments (trumpet and snare drum).  Before 197o-ies, Kirab music used only gamelan instruments.

So, referring those contributions, Gandem Marem (Pugeran jalan Bantul 25 Yogyakarta, telephone 0274-377689) which still serve for public until now, should be appreciated as one of Javanesse culture conservators. *

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  • NINDA  On December 6, 2009 at 2:22 am


    Response: Hehehe…

  • NINDA  On December 6, 2009 at 2:22 am

    simbah,, tambah ganteng..

  • Yanto  On August 27, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Jadi gak pak buat perpustakaan musik nya ? dan dimana ?

    Perpustakaan ph terpaksa ditunda pembuatannya, karena program utamanya taman bacaan masyarakat belum bisa direalisir tahun ini. Doakan tahun 2011 terealisir. (Kelik)

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