Qasidah of Ucok AKA

Album Qasidah AKA and Duo Kribo' Albums

Andalas Datoe Oloan Harahap, a.k.a. Ucok AKA Harahap (70 years old) was a singer, musician and song composer. His rock band was AKA, a name taken from Apotik Kali Asin, a drug store in Surabaya. This band was a news maker in it’s era (1970-ies), for it’s extreme acrobatic performance. Unfortunately, that AKA group did not make any hits unless song entitled Badai Bulan Desember.

Some AKA’ albums as mentioned by a book Musisiku (KPMI-Republika, 2007) are: Do What You Like (1970), Reflections (1971), Crazy Joe (1972), Sky Rider (1973), Cruel Side of Suez War (1974), Mr. Bulldog (1975), Pucuk Kumati (1977), AKA in Rock (1979), The Best of AKA (1979), AKA 20 Golden Hits (1979), dan Puber Kedua (1979). In a short periode, Ucok and Ahmad Albar made a group Duo Kribo which made hits like Dunia Panggung Sandiwara, Neraka Jahanam, and Penari Jalang.

But may be what was not noticed by public from AKA and Ucok, that they ever released an album with genre qasidah, an Islamic religious pop genre. This album consists of 8 songs with it’s hit Insaflah, a pop-qasidah which blended Marawis, Batavia ethnic music with rock. This album was a side B of album Qasidah Bimbo (Fajar Satu Syawal, Remaco). At least, Ucok, the legendary rock-singer who passed away on December 3, 2009, ever sang religiously. *

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