Love Song and Personal Moment

Album pop Sunda "Cinta", Hetty Koes Endang, Musica, December, 1991.

Love is the most universal theme for songs lyric. Love is the most popular theme in music industry. But of course not all love songs have tie with all bodies heart. You are lucky if you have a favourite song which can express your feeling, your love feeling.

And truly you are very blessed if you have love song which can remind to your falling love moment. Because falling love moment is something very personal, and very very rare moment. To fall in love for some people is such subtle and valuable experience.  So if in that moment you have a favourite song that can remind you to that “blessed moment”, that song will be truly your very personal song. Do you have that one?

To day, February, 14, 2010, allow us to remind you the album Cinta, a pop Sundanesse music which was interpretated by a singer Hetty Koes Endang (Musica, December, 1991). The band was Getek’s band under direction Yan Achiemsha. Consists of 10 songs, all songs were easy and nice listening. The hits: Cinta (composed by Nano S.), Sesah Hilapna, and Mitoha. I review this album here to give my personal and deep appreciation to this love album. *

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  • nurdiana  On May 23, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    could you send all of hetty koes endang’s songs to me? just all songs (10 songs) of album cinta pop sunda? i hope so much for those songs. please, you upload it and send to me. i’ve looked for that album but untill now i’ve not found it. please…? thank you very much.
    i’ll wait for your answer.

    Response: Thank for visiting my blog. This Hetty Koes Endang’ album “Cinta, pop Sunda”, is sometime still available in old cassete kiosk in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Please come to Taman Puring, Jakarta selatan. You will find there some kiosk owners. One of them Bang Oman. Ask him to find what your need. It is better for us to buy the original album than to copy it. (Kelik)

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