Gronloh’ Contribution to Indonesia

A singer as a profesion can contribute to history. Look at the story of Anneke Gronloh, a dutch singer who ever live in Celebes, east island of Indonesia, 1942. This time was the era of Japanesse occupation in Indonesia. It means that Anneke Gronloh was a dutch who was survive under war surveillance. Gronloh spent her early years in the Japanese occupied the Dutch East Indies in a Japanese concentration camp. Her father, a soldier, had been interned for her birth (Wikipedia).

After the war, the family moved to the Netherlands, Anneke grew up in Eindhoven. In 1959 Anneke was the winner of a talent show, which began her career as a singer. On August 31, 1964 she married the Veronica-DJ Wim-Jaap van der Laan. He died in 2004.

Her discography:

 1. Asmara (1960) – Indonesian Annekes first song is relatively unknown in the Netherlands.

 2. Burning Sand (1961) – in good time for a brief golden sheet and very popular.

 3. Paradiso (1962) – the song acquired a platinum plate and the coverage was by Conny Francis

 4, Surabaya (1963) 5. Cimeroni (1963)

6. Oh Malaysia (1963)

Anneke interpreted including the kroncong genre, with popular songs as Bengawan Solo, Boeroeng Kaka and Nina bobo. Besides Anneke is also known as interpreter of jazz, her favorite genre. Anneke was a national celebrity in the early sixties and Dutch first real teen idol. At the height of her fame, in 1964, Anneke Gronloh took part in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2000, Anneke was named “Singer of the Century” because the record that copies of her single “Burning Sand” was sold.

The article above is quoted from Wikipedia. I edited it for you, just to show her contribution and relation to Indonesia. In this post, I show you an album World Hits Volume 2 which published by CDS. This album contains 17 song by various interantional artists such as Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. One of those songs is Asmara by Anneke Gronloh. It means that Anneke, the Dutch-Indonesian singer, has her international reputation since 1960-ies. *

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  • Ed Vos  On April 28, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Menurut saya ini bukan foto Anneke Gronloh ;-)

    Anda benar. Ini gambar cover album yang berisi salah satunya lagu Asmara yang dinyanyikan Anneke Gronloh. (Kelik)

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