God Bless This Huma

Sorry for long time no posting my opinion. And because I just got this LP Huma di Atas Bukit by rock band God Bless, so I urged my self to post this note. God Bless is the best Indonesia rock band ever so far. They composed some memorable songs such as Panggung Sandiwara, Syair Kehidupan, Sodome Gomorah and this Huma di Atas Bukit song. Actually, this old group (70-ies) did not released any LP album. But their publishier, made a copy in LP format for commercial purpose. But whatever, this is the blessed LP of God Bless. *

LP Huma di Atas Bukit by Gode Bless (Pramaqua, no date)

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  • henk madrotter  On March 10, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    you are a lucky man to have this album….

    Thank u mr. henk. We dont know how many many people has this album. (Kelik)

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