Giant Step for Indonesian Music

Giant Step is a progressive rock band from Bandung City (Indonesia) which founded by Benny Soebardja, Yockie, Deddy Stanzah, and Sammy in 1973. Later on, the line up of this group was changed many times. Since it’s genre is not so popular among Indonesians in that time, so this group is not as popular as Favourites group or the Mercys, two of pop bands in that era.

But actually, their contribution to the history of Indonesian music was giant. So far untill 1985, they released 7 albums. So it is such a blessing in disguisse if their group was called Giant Step, since this band’ works was such a giant step for Indonesian music. It is because Giant Step was a leading band which introduced progressive rock genre for Indonesian music lovers, beside Guruh Gypsy (1976), and Harry Roesli (1971 ect).

LP album "Persada Tercinta" by Giant Step, Irama Tara, 1978

It is undeniable that Giant Step music was influenced by prog-rock and rock music from the west in that era, notably Gentle Giant, and Frank Zappa. One of band member ever quoted as saying in Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine that his music was influenced by Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa. Even Giant Step ever release a pop-rock album, but their best albums was still the prog-rock ones (Giant on the Move, and Kukuh Nan Teguh).

We have one LP of Giant Step album entitled Persada Tercinta (released by Irama Tara, 1978). Listening to this album, the people who are familiar to the music of Gentle Giant, they will remember the relatively same atmosphere between the two. Off course not identical. *

Reference: 1. Book “Musisiku”, Republika and KPMI, 2007; 2. Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine


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