Diksophone, Dakotjan and Idris Sardi

Album Dakotjan by Idris Sardi Orchestra, Bali record, 1970-ies

Idris Sardi is a maestro violinist par exellence. Fortunately that he has his attention to children song.  One of his works, beside album Ninabobo, is Dakotjan. Published by Bali record in 1970-ies, this album is such rare item. In here Idris Sardi conducted an orchestra and a children choirs to interpret 8 children songs composed by Indonesians such as Pak Kasur, Ibu Sud, Lim Keng Liong, and Kwartet Sariman. The songs are: Dakotjan, Lihat Kebunku, Naik Delman, Ajam Berkotek, Burung Kutilang, Kukurujuk, Amin dengan Kerbaunja, and Bungaku.

This album is also unique, because Idris Sardi blended modern instruments with local instrument called angklung. This instrument is made of bamboo which crafted to produce sounds. Even the angklung which is used  here already modifed as “piano angklung” to the so-called “dikso-phone”. Diks is the name of the inventor of Dikso-phone. Curious? Check this album. *

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