10 Best Indonesian Islamic Albums

Indonesian Islamic song has it’s history. It was published for the first time in 1970-ies. The band who popularized this genre for the first time was supposed to be Bimbo, a latin-pop group from Bandung city. According to Bimbo as quoted in a book Sajadah Panjang Bimbo (Tatang Sumarsono, Mizan, 1998), Samsyudin, a leader of Bimbo, once upon time in 1973, got inspiration after praying Friday in Salman ITB Mosqoue to write a song about God (Tuhan). This song was created intentionally as a pop song. But after this song got its popularity very soon, later Bimbo was inspired to published an album consist of Modern Kasidah, what the so called Islamic religious song.

Before this era, Islamic song was expressed thru Gambus, a traditional music rooted from Egypt and Arab, and therefor the lyric also in Arabic. In this context, Bimbo made a breakthrough because they composed Islamic song in Indonesia language, and with modern instrument and arrangement. So that why Bimbo called this genre as Modern Kasidah.

After Bimbo popularized this genre, other bands followed this trend such as Koes Plus, even AKA, a rock band. And in every decade since then there are several bands and singers who published Indonesian Islamic pop song. Koran Tempo in 2011 published a brief review on 10 Best Indonesian Islamic Songs — ever. Check it thru pdf.file below. *

C2 Ramadan-C7 ok

C3 Ramadan-C6 ok

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