New Corner for Senior Musicians


For Jakartanesse, now they have a new place for meeting with friends — some time senior musicians — in Blok M Square Jakarta Indonesia, especially in lower basement, a section for books store, recorded music store — what so called Bazaar Buku.

For example is a corner of Bang Oman, owner of old recorded music store, and a member of KPMI (Komunitas Pecinta Musik Indonesia). Since he has many friends among senior musicians, so some time they come to this store to talk each other, or to buy old vinyl or cassetes.  Once upon time, I meet in this store senior artist such as Jelly Tobing (drummer). Keenan Nasution (singer, musician, composer), and so on.

Fortunately that one day  in 2012,  I met Indonesian drummer Jelly Tobing (red shirt) — see the picture above — in Bang Oman (the other one) store.  So, whenever you have time and you want to meet some senior musicians, just come to this store. *

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  •  On May 13, 2015 at 5:30 am

    OM ….. minta conteknya dunk…..

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