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LP Version of Bahtera Asmara

Cassete Bahtera Asmara by Andi Meriem Mattalata (Musica, 1978)

Cassete Bahtera Asmara by Andi Meriem Mattalata (Musica, 1978)


Album Bahtera Asmara by singer Andi Meriem Mattalata under music director Yockie and Chrisye (published by Musica record, 1978) is one of 150 Best Indonesian Albums according to Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine (December, 2007).

This album is an other musical achievement of Yockie-Chrisye-Guruh-Eros collaboration. The genre is progressive-pop, but actually the most powerfull thing in this album is it’s magical melodies and it’s poetical lyrics. The arrangement is so far simple but perfect. And so far Andi Meriem is the best woman singer to interprete Chrisye’-like songs.

Andi Meriem is a lucky woman singer,  since she got the best musical achievement from Indonesian musicians. This album consists of 11 songs which were composed by prominent Indonesian composer such as Goeroeh Soekarnoputra, Yockie, Fariz RM, Anton Issudibyo, Roekanto, B Hariadi, Eros Djarot. All songs are hits, or at least cacthy melodies. And famous names were engaged as guest musicians, such as violinist Idries Sardi, Kiboud Maulana, and Uce F Tekol.

Yockie-Chrisye-Eros-like song lovers,  may be they have this album in cassete format. But do they have this album in longplay format? Not every body off course. But surely there is Bahtera Asmara album in lp format. What is the difference between the two? It is a same matter and a same version. The difference is the lp version only consists of 7 songs. The four songs which was excluded from lp format are Impian, Pilihan Hati, Merepih Alam, and Bulan Tolonglah Beta. *