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The Legend P. Ramlee

Indonesian young generation may do not know well P. Ramlee, a Malaysian composer. I know his name for the first time from album Legenda by Malaysian singer Sheila Madjid (EMI record, 1990). One of it’s song entitled Engkau Laksana Bulan (You Are Like A Moon) was composed by P. Ramlee. Interpretated by Sheila Madjid and arranged by Malaysian musician Roslan Aziz/Mac Chew, song Engkau sounded modern as well as classical.

Thank God that a year a go, I found a long play album by P. Ramlee entitled Ramlee’s Serenade (Rajuan Ramlee). One of it’s songs is Engkau Laksana Bulan which was interpretated by P. Ramlee and his orchestra. This song is absolutly the orginal and classical version. P. Ramlee actualy is Indonesian. According to Wikipedia, Ramlee was Teuku Zakaria, his birth name. Teuku is a title for descendants of noble families from Aceh of Sumatra, Indonesia. His father Teuku Nyak Puteh was a sailor from Lhokseumawe in the province of Aceh, Indonesia.

Born in Penang Malaysia, March 22, 1929, Ramlee died at May 27, 1973 in his 44 years old. As composer, he has wrote 300 songs. Ramlee was also an actor. During his career he directed and acted in sixty-six films. Among his films received awards from Asian Film Festival. *