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What is the First Indonesian Pop Song?

This album Papaja Mangga Pisang Djambu by various Indonesian artists was selected as one of 150 Best Indonesian album all the time by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine, December 2007. This album is truly valuable matter for Indonesian music history. Why?

First, it is an album by various artists who were on top lists in 50-ies, such as Teruna Ria, Kelana Ria, Adi Karso, Oslan Husein and so on.

Second, song Papaja Chachacha is cited as the first pop Indonesian song ever recorded on long play format.

Third, song Bengawan Solo was interpretated by legend singer Oslan Husein, one of important Bengawan Solo versions.

Fourth and so on, let me wait your comment on this my post. *

Track list
Album: Papaja Mangga Pisang Djambu
Artists: Various Artists
Bands: Lima Serama (directed by A. Usman), Kelana Ria (directed by Adi Karso), Teruna Ria (Zainal Arifin), Si Guntang (A. Chalik).
Publisher: Irama record

Side one:
1. Bengawan Solo (Gesang) – Oslan Husein
2. Embun Pagi (Soegito) — Emmi
3. Markonah (Adi/A. Usman) – Adi
4. Melati Berbunga (A. Usman) — Fatty
5. Papaja Chachacha (Adi Karso) — Adi
6. Bualan Alam (A. Usman) — Tuti
7. Tukang Solder (A. Usman) — Adi

Side Two:
1. Tamasja Gembira (A. Usman) — Rien/Tuti
2. Bangun Pagi (Adi Karso) — Adi
3. Bisikan Alam Maja (AA. Usman) — Titiek Puspa
4. Lenggang Kangkung (NN) — Mus. Ds.
5. Tiada Kasih (A. Usman) —- Fetty
6. Farida (Adi Karso) — Adi
7. Patung Kusangka Dia (A. Usman) — Adi