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Tampilan desain situs Irama Nusantara

Tampilan desain situs Irama Nusantara

Logo Irama Nusantara

Logo Irama Nusantara

On 22 April 2014,  I visit the office of Demajors, a prominent Indonesia indie label which located in Jalan RS Fatmawati, south Jakarta.  That day I need to meet David Tarigan, co-founder of Demajors, to ask something about know-how to publish a new album.

Fortunately that this office also becomes the office of Irama Nusantara, a blog that contains documentation, image and songs of  old Indonesia vinyl. And as reader we can listen to some songs in superb sound. For example, we can listen to Jadikan Aku Dombamu, a full album by Koes Bersaudara, one of rare items.

I think Irama Nusantara is one of amazing blogs I ever found. This blog documented old and rare vinyls of Indonesian music.  Indonesia goverment should give a special appreciation toward this effort. *






2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,700 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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10 Lagu Lebaran Terpilih versi Koran Tempo

C2 Ramadan-albumlebaran

C3 Ramadan-albumlebaran2.pdf

Bagi Anda yang sedang membuat daftar putar lagu (playlist) lagu-lagu Lebaran, barangkali informasi dari Koran Tempo ini bermanfaat.

Pada 28 Agustus 2011, Koran Tempo yang memiliki edisi khusus Ramadan, menurunkan tulisan panjang dua halaman plus foto-foto album, tentang lagu-lagu lebaran atau Idul Fitri karya musisi Indonesia yang pernah beredar.

Koran Tempo juga merekomendasikan 10 Lagu Lebaran Terpilih. Tim redaksi tak menggunakan istilah lagu terbaik, mungkin karena sadar bahwa mereka belum mendengarkan keseluruhan lagu-lagu Lebaran yang pernah diterbitkan di Indonesia. Maklum, rentang waktu 1950 hingga sekarang bukan waktu yang pendek, dan mencari bahan rekaman semua lagu lebaran yang pernah ada di Indonesia, tak semudah menggelar karpet.

Jadi, silakan mengecek ulasan Koran Tenpo tersebut dalam file pdf di atas. Ulasan ini penting untuk memberikan apresiasi pada para penyanyi, pencipta lagu, dan musisi yang pernah ikut menciptakan lagu Lebaran, dan sekaligus mendokumentasikan karya mereka. Siapa lagi yang peduli pada mereka, kalau tak dimulai dari kita sendiri. *



New Corner for Senior Musicians


For Jakartanesse, now they have a new place for meeting with friends — some time senior musicians — in Blok M Square Jakarta Indonesia, especially in lower basement, a section for books store, recorded music store — what so called Bazaar Buku.

For example is a corner of Bang Oman, owner of old recorded music store, and a member of KPMI (Komunitas Pecinta Musik Indonesia). Since he has many friends among senior musicians, so some time they come to this store to talk each other, or to buy old vinyl or cassetes.  Once upon time, I meet in this store senior artist such as Jelly Tobing (drummer). Keenan Nasution (singer, musician, composer), and so on.

Fortunately that one day  in 2012,  I met Indonesian drummer Jelly Tobing (red shirt) — see the picture above — in Bang Oman (the other one) store.  So, whenever you have time and you want to meet some senior musicians, just come to this store. *

Enjoy My Album Thru This Blog

My Album on SoundCloud


Hi every body. I have a good news for you. Since May 2013, you can listen to my album Hyperpositive (6 songs, in high quality recording).  This because I upload the songs in the amazing site SoundCloud. Please enjoy the songs, share it with your friends,  give any comment, but never download it. You want to listen the songs now? Please visit this site:

The Book for Oldies Goodies


December 2012, I found a book “A Century of American Popular Music – 2000 Best-Loved and Remembered Songs (1899-1999) written by David A. Jasen (Routledge, 2002). This book contains the songs from A-Z, Academy Award Winners for Best Songs, list of songs indexed by composers, list of songs indexed by publisher, list of songs indexed by year of publication.

We, Indonesians, unfortunately we don’t have such this book. We don’t have comprehensif data of our recorded music. We need such this book. Who wants to write it? Who wants to research it? Who wants to publish it? Who wants to give fund to make it happen? Goverment? Businessmen? *

10 Best Indonesian Islamic Albums

Indonesian Islamic song has it’s history. It was published for the first time in 1970-ies. The band who popularized this genre for the first time was supposed to be Bimbo, a latin-pop group from Bandung city. According to Bimbo as quoted in a book Sajadah Panjang Bimbo (Tatang Sumarsono, Mizan, 1998), Samsyudin, a leader of Bimbo, once upon time in 1973, got inspiration after praying Friday in Salman ITB Mosqoue to write a song about God (Tuhan). This song was created intentionally as a pop song. But after this song got its popularity very soon, later Bimbo was inspired to published an album consist of Modern Kasidah, what the so called Islamic religious song.

Before this era, Islamic song was expressed thru Gambus, a traditional music rooted from Egypt and Arab, and therefor the lyric also in Arabic. In this context, Bimbo made a breakthrough because they composed Islamic song in Indonesia language, and with modern instrument and arrangement. So that why Bimbo called this genre as Modern Kasidah.

After Bimbo popularized this genre, other bands followed this trend such as Koes Plus, even AKA, a rock band. And in every decade since then there are several bands and singers who published Indonesian Islamic pop song. Koran Tempo in 2011 published a brief review on 10 Best Indonesian Islamic Songs — ever. Check it thru pdf.file below. *

C2 Ramadan-C7 ok

C3 Ramadan-C6 ok

Old Vinyl Is Dead?

C2 Ramadan-albumlebaran

C3 Ramadan-albumlebaran2.pdf

May be old vinyl is really dead. When a prominent Indonesia newspaper publish reviews on 10 Best Lebaran (Ied el-Fithr) Songs in 2011, public did not respond explicitely on such features. We don’t know why?

But there are many speculations. First, that review was coming not in proper time — in holiday season when the people did not read newspaper. Second, Lebaran song is not something interested. Third, the review is about old vinyl which is something out of fashion. Are these reasons reasonable? What do you think?

Diksophone, Dakotjan and Idris Sardi

Album Dakotjan by Idris Sardi Orchestra, Bali record, 1970-ies

Idris Sardi is a maestro violinist par exellence. Fortunately that he has his attention to children song.  One of his works, beside album Ninabobo, is Dakotjan. Published by Bali record in 1970-ies, this album is such rare item. In here Idris Sardi conducted an orchestra and a children choirs to interpret 8 children songs composed by Indonesians such as Pak Kasur, Ibu Sud, Lim Keng Liong, and Kwartet Sariman. The songs are: Dakotjan, Lihat Kebunku, Naik Delman, Ajam Berkotek, Burung Kutilang, Kukurujuk, Amin dengan Kerbaunja, and Bungaku.

This album is also unique, because Idris Sardi blended modern instruments with local instrument called angklung. This instrument is made of bamboo which crafted to produce sounds. Even the angklung which is used  here already modifed as “piano angklung” to the so-called “dikso-phone”. Diks is the name of the inventor of Dikso-phone. Curious? Check this album. *

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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